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Kiwiana May 24, 2009

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Artist Name: Jarod Green (creator) , Anthony MacFarlan, Nick Boshier (Writer and Director)

Title of work: Beached Whale

Size: Object width= 425     Object height= 344

Materials, media: Video Camera, Cartoon Sketch

Function of the work: For people who enjoy kiwi comedy

Where the work is shown or displayed: Youtube, Galleries, In movies, On TV

I put this video in because its two Australians taking the mickey out of Kiwi accents and emphaizing our slang words. I think it is so funny and Kiwis love it because its so laid back like we are and its such a simple idea of a whale getting stuck on the sand his mate trying to figure out how to get him out.  I love the cartoons they are so simple but so effected.


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